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One year ago today my beloved brother’s dog gave birth to EIGHT incredible puppies. Helping her through the birth and raising the puppies for the first two months of life was one of the most incredible experience’s i’ve ever had. I watched them grow from their first moments of life, stumble while learning to walk, bottle feed them when their mother stopped, held them when their first few barks terrified them, watched them learn how to lap water and eat food. The only part I don’t completely miss is the potty training!

When Dozer was delivered he was TWICE the size of all of the other puppies… he was different than all the rest. He looked like a miniature baby cow. As it came time to find homes for the puppies I found myself only showing the puppies that weren’t Dozer…even though I thought I was no where in a position to have a dog. I fell in love with all of the puppies and it broke my heart to give them to new homes, but I knew they would be taken care of and spoiled like crazy. As time went on I knew there was no way that I could give Dozer away… So I didn’t and it has been one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made. I thank my lucky stars that Peter was on board!

I swore back then that I didn’t play favorites, but when I look at all the photos I took of them there was a theme… Dozer! Happy Birthday Dozey Doe!

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