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Around the Corner | Urth Caffé, Santa Monica

Santa Monica will always have a special place in my heart. I grew up visiting this area often with my grandfather and have a special memory of us riding the ferris wheel on the pier together. He has always worked hard to give me the world and I will be eternally grateful for him introducing me to this beautiful city.

In college, I spent a lot of time between Orange County and Santa Barbara. I know that seems like a far distance to many, but it feels like these cities are right around the corner. If I don’t drive at least a hundred miles every weekend, then somethings seriously wrong. During this time in my life, I found this awesome place, Urth Caffé. Urth Caffé is an organic coffee company & restaurant with a few locations in the LA area. It’s the perfect spot for a one on one meeting or catching up with your best friend (like I did this past Sunday). I’ve eaten at a lot of cafes and nothing beats Urth Caffe. If you don’t believe me then just drive by…there is ALWAYS a line out the door and they are always busy. The best part about this Santa Monica location is that the beach is nearby & the sun is always shining.

My favorite coffee is the Blended Monkey Granita and if you’re not a coffee fan thats fine too, they can make it with green tea instead!  I really love their chicken tamales, but their Roasted Turkey Panini is absolutely my favorite. I just tried their Tiramisu for the first time Sunday and to put it simply…it stole my heart. It’s my new favorite dessert. You really can’t go wrong. Anything you order on this menu will be worth it.

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